looking for lists of species

Mikael Behrens mbehrens at cs.utexas.edu
Tue Jun 29 15:11:44 EST 1993

Howdy Bionetters,

I'm thinking of writing some software that could be of use to field  
biologists and ameteur naturalists.  I have only vague ideas right now,  
but I'd like to make something that helps you keep organized lists of  
species you've seen.

Does anyone know where I can find lists of North American species in  
ELECTRONIC form?  Plants, birds, herps, mammals, insects, etc.   
Actually, it doesn't have to be just North America, but that's what I'm  
interested in right now.

Is there an anonymous ftp site out there with this kind of stuff?

I'm also interested in hearing some ideas about what this software might  



Mikael Behrens              mbehrens at cs.utexas.edu (NeXTMail OK)
Computer Science student    University of Texas at Austin

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