anyone looked at long-range patterns in DNA sequence?

Michael Levin mlevin at
Fri Mar 19 16:02:11 EST 1993

     Has anyone looked at long-range (much larger scale than average
gene sizes) pattern in the genomes of various organisms? What I mean
is, to take the entire (known) sequence of the genome of some
organism, and treat it as a single long message in a 4-letter
alphabet, ignoring the gene/promoter/etc. boundaries, to look for
long-scale patterns. Has this been done or discussed anywhere? I would
appreciate references. If such patterns were discovered, what would
this imply? What tools (mathematical) can be used to look for patterns
in a string of symbols (when the pattern isn't known in advance)?
Please send ideas to mlevin at husc8.harvard.eddu.

Mike Levin

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