Modeling Krebs Cycle

Larry Hunter hunter at
Tue Mar 23 18:17:39 EST 1993

Mehmet M. Kayaalp MD asks:

  I am interested in models of citric acid cycle, i.e., any level of
  modeling (mathematical, simulation etc.) and any part of citric acid cycle
  (particular reaction or enzyme kinetics etc.).

Michael Mavrovouniotis at the University of Maryland has done interesting
work on modelling metabolic pathways, focusing of the TCA cycle.  He has a
chapter that describes this work:

  Mavrovouniotis, M.  "Identification of Qualitatively Feasible Metabolic
  Pathways," in "Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology," ed. by L.
  Hunter, MIT Press, 1993.

Peter Karp is also now in the process of building a knowledge base of
metabolic compounds and reactions.  You can reach him at pkarp at
for a report on the status of the project. 

Also, metabolic modelling generally has a major concern of the biomatrix
group, so you might try posting your query on


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