anyone looked at long-range patterns in DNA sequence?

Larry Hunter hunter at
Tue Mar 23 18:18:19 EST 1993

  Michael Levin asked:

  Has anyone looked at long-range (much larger scale than average
  gene sizes) pattern in the genomes of various organisms? What I mean

  To which Jason Stewart replied:

  Try to find a paper by Aris Wiessman and Dan Larhammar. I'm not sure what
  journal, but it wa s within the last year. They show that the affects
  attributed to the so-called long range correlations in DNA have a very
  mundane explanation.

Hmm.  There was a letter from Larhammar & Chatzidimitriou-Dreismann in
Nature on 21 Jan 93 (p 212-3) making this point.  A quick Medline search
shows nothing by Wiessman & Larhammar at all, though.

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