Modeling Krebs Cycle

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In article <1993Mar19.200813.13834 at> kayaalp at (Mehmet M. Kayaalp MD) writes:
>I am interested in models of citric acid cycle, i.e., any level
>of modeling (mathematical, simulation etc.) and any part of citric
>acid cycle (particular reaction or enzyme kinetics etc.).
>I appreciate your help or pointers in this matter very much.

Two recent papers on modelling of the citric acid cycle in
_dictyostelium_ are:

- Wright, B.E., Butler, M. H. & Albe, K. R. (1992). J. Biol. Chem. 267,
  3101-3105. see also the article following this one in the same issue.

- Shiraishi, F. & Savageau, M. A. (1992). J. Biol. Chem. 267, 22912-
  22918. see also the three articles following this one (same issue).

If you are really interested in the citric acid cycle, you should read
the work of Paul Srere, a good place to start is:

- Sumegi _et_al._ (1992). Curr. Top. Cell. Reg. 33, 249-260.

there are other interesting papers on the citrate cycle in the same
issue of Curr. Top. Cell. Reg.

I hope this helps!

Pedro Mendes
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