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                 ONE DAY SHORT COURSES --- JUNE 24, 1993
                        UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH
                        PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA

The Classification Society of North America (CSNA) announces 
the availability of two short courses on Thursday, June 24 on 

    - Multivariate Density Estimation 

    - An Introduction to Classification and Clustering

The courses will immediately proceed the annual meeting of
the CSNA and the Numerical Taxonomy (NT) group.  The short 
courses are available to members and non-members of the CSNA, 
regardless of whether you register for the conference.  

Short Course I
Multivariate Density Estimation:  Theory, Practice, and Visualization
David W. Scott

David W. Scott, Professor and Chair of the Department of
Statistics, Rice University, will teach a course
based on material in his book:  
   Scott, D. W. (1992). Multivariate Density Estimation:  
      Theory, Practice, and Visualization.  John Wiley, New York.  
The course will provide a survey of nonparametric density
estimation in several variables.  Special emphasis will be given
to applications with data in classification and discrimination. 
The material will be balanced among the three areas of theory,
practice, and visualization.  Extensive use will be made of
examples and case studies to reinforce concepts.  For analysis
beyond two variables, animation techniques of visualization will
be discussed and presented.  The course will assume a good
background in basic theoretical statistics, and a general
familiarity with multivariate techniques.  The book is not
included with the registration, but will be available to course
registrants at a reduced cost.

Short Course II
An Introduction to Classification and Clustering
Glenn Milligan, Pierre Legendre, & Richard Dubes 

"An Introduction to Classification and Clustering" covers both 
fundamental definitions and advanced topics concerning clustering 
methodology and software for data analysis.  Instructors will be 
Glenn Milligan of Ohio State, Pierre Legendre of Universite de 
Montreal, and Richard Dubes of Michigan State.  Professor Milligan 
is recognized as an international expert in clustering methodology.  
Professors Legendre and Dubes have published well regarded books on 
cluster analysis which cover both theory and applications.

The classes will be held 
       LIS Building 
       135 North Bellefield
       University of Pittsburgh
on Thursday, June 24, from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  The CSNA/NT conference
will follow on the short courses from June 25-27.  Registration for 
these courses will include course notes and refreshment breaks.  The
cost for each course is $70 for CSNA members, $100 for non-members
and $50 for students.

Membership in the CSNA is available at the time of registration. 
Regular membership is $60.00.  Student membership is $30.00. 
Both memberships include subscriptions to Journal of
Classification, CSNA Service, and the society newsletter.  A
separate membership registration form will be sent to all
requesting membership status.  

Please complete the registration form at the end of this
announcement and send both the form and a check made payable in
US dollars to "CSNA93" to:

           Susan Strauss
           Department of Information Science
           738 SLIS Building
           University of Pittsburgh
           Pittsburgh, PA  15260
           Telephone:  (412) 624-9424
           Fax:  (412) 624-5231
           Email:  strauss at

Registrations postmarked after June 1 should include a late
fee of $20.00.  Housing is available in a dorm or hotel at an 
additional charge.  Information about the housing or about the
CSNA/NT conference can be obtained by writing to Susan Strauss at 
the above address.

Written cancellation requests received no later than
June 3 will receive a full refund except for a $25.00 
processing fee.  We regret that no refunds will be 
possible after June 3, 1993.

                        CSNA/NT REGISTRATION FORM

Please complete this form, make your check for the total amount
payable in US dollars to "CSNA93", and send both the form and check
                          Susan Strauss
                          Department of Information Science
                          738 SLIS
                          University of Pittsburgh
                          Pittsburgh, PA  15260

Name _____________________________________________________________

Title ____________________________________________________________

Affiliation ______________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________ 


City ______________________________  State/Province ______________

Zip/Postal Code ___________________  Country _____________________

E-mail Address ___________________________________________________

Daytime Phone (__________)________________________________________

Fax (__________)__________________________________________________

FEES                                                         AMOUNT
     Short Course I _____        Short Course II _____
CSNA/NT Members             $70                              ___________

Non Members                $100                              ___________

Students                    $50                              ___________

Campus Parking _____  days @ $6.00/day                       ___________

Regular @ $60                                                ___________

Student @ $30                                                ___________

LATE FEE (after June 1) @ $20                                ___________

TOTAL                                                        ___________

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