Computer Simulation Summer Workshop

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Tue May 11 17:11:47 EST 1993

                6th Annual Computer Simulation Summer Workshop

A course in applying modeling to the analysis of flow, transport, and
reaction in metabolizing cells and organs.

	Presented by:	The National Simulation Resource in
			Mass Transport and Exchange
	Dates:		14 - 18 June 1993
	Location:	University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Simulation Resource Investigators & Faculty:
    J.B. Bassingthwaighte, University of Washington (Director)
    M.A.F. Epstein, University of Connecticut
    B.A. Finlayson, University of Washington
    M.M. Graham, University of Washington
    K. Kroll, University of Washington
    R.B. King, University of Washington

This course is designed to train investigators who are new to using computer
simulation as an aid in understanding systems and as a tool for analyzing data.
There will be three foci: (i) general principles of computer simulation,
(ii) general principles governing mass balance and tracer conservation in
studies of whole organs and pharmacokinetics, and (iii) analysis of time-course
data from outflow dilution studies and sequential images. While providing an
introduction for investigators new to simulation, there will be considerable
"hands on" computer work so that those more experienced in the field can also
benefit. The source code for all software used in the course will be available
to the attendees.

	o	Blood-tissue exchange
	o	Dynamics of cellular exchange
	o	Membrane transport mechanisms
	o	Metabolic reactions in cells
	o	Fitting models to data
	o	Computer implementation techniques

	Enrollment:		Limited to 16
	Tuition:		$300
	Conference Dinner:	Thursday evening (included in tuition)
	Accommodation:		Available in local hotels/motels
	Travel:			Participants will make their own arrangements.

Address questions to:
	Rita Jensen	(206) 685-2005
		jensen at

	Richard King	(206) 685-2007
		rick at






E-mail address:

Research interests:

Mail to:	National Simulation Resource
		Attn: Rita Jensen
		Center for Bioengineering (WD-12)
		University of Washington
		Seattle, WA 98195

Make checks for tuition ($200 US) payable to:
		University of Washington

You will receive further information regarding accommodations & meals.	
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