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References to Sequence/Structure Papers

Steven Brenner seb1005 at mbfs.bio.cam.ac.uk
Fri Sep 10 09:36:34 EST 1993


	People have asked for a list of references relevant to the
message which Simon Brocklehurst posted yesterday.  Following is a
list of articles published by the Eisenberg, Thornton, and Blundell
groups about their methods.


0 D. Eisenberg, J. U. Bowie, R. Luthy, S. Choe, "3-Dimensional
Profiles F or Analyzing Protein-Sequence Structure Relationships."
_Faraday Discussions Of The Chemical Society_ :93 25-34 (1992).

1 J. U. Bowie, R. Luthy, M. Wilmanns, L. Wesson, Z. Kam, D. Eisenberg,
"3 d Profiles - Principles And Applications." _Protein Engineering_ 6
S: 123 (1993 ).  BOWI9306230:Y

2 R. Luthy, A. D. Mclachlan, D. Eisenberg, "Secondary Structure-Based
Pro files - Use Of Structure-Conserving Scoring Tables In Searching
Protein-Sequenc e Databases For Structural Similarities."
_Proteins-Structure Function And Gene tics_ 10:3 229-239 (1991).

3 R. Luthy, J. U. Bowie, D. Eisenberg, "Assessment Of Protein Models
With 3-Dimensional Profiles." _Nature_ 356:6364 83-85 (1992).

4 J. U. Bowie, R. Luthy, D. Eisenberg, "A Method To Identify Protein
Seque nces That Fold Into A Known 3-Dimensional Structure." _Science_
253:5016 164-170 (1991).   BOWI9153640:Y


0 D. T. Jones, W. R. Taylor, J. M. Thornton, "A New Approach To
Protein Fold Recognition." _Nature_ 358:6381 86-89 (1992).


0 C. M. Topham, A. Mcleod, F. Eisenmenger, J. P. Overington, M. S.
Johnson, T.L. Blundell, "Fragment Ranking In Modeling Of
Protein-Structure - Conformationally Constrained Environmental
Amino-Acid Substitution Tables." _Journal Of Molecular Biolog y_ 229:1
194-220 (1993).  TOPH9329940:7

1 A. Sali, J. P. Overington, M. S. Johnson, T. L. Blundell, "From
Comparisons Of Protein Sequences And Structures To Protein Modeling
And Design." _Trends In Bioche mical Sciences_ 15:6 235-240 (1990).

2 M. S. Johnson, J. P. Overington, T. L. Blundell, "Alignment And
Searching For Common Protein Folds Using A Data-Bank Of Structural
Templates." _Journal Of Molecul ar Biology_ 231:3 735-752 (1993).

3 J. Overington, M. S. Johnson, A. Sali, T. L. Blundell, "Tertiary
Structural Constraints On Protein Evolutionary Diversity - Templates,
Key Residues And Structure Prediction." _Proceedings Of The Royal
Society Of London Series B-Biological S_ 241:1 301 132-145 (1990).

In addition, of considerable relevance to both the Template and the
Substition Table methods is:

Dayhoff, M. O., Schwartz, R. M., Orcutt, B. C., "A Model of
Evolutionary Change in Proteins." _Atlast of Protein Sequence and
Structure_ 5:S3 345-352 (1978).  DAYH7805450:Y

If anyone would like this list in "refer" format, please let me know.

Steven Brenner

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seb1005 at mbfs.bio.cam.ac.uk      |  University of Cambridge         
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