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In article <94061117332606 at>, wochniak at (Peter) writes:
>Hi netters,
>does anyone know where one can use GCG at the remote server via net?
>Is this software fully comercial or is there any possibility to take advantage 
>of it using internet? How costly is GCG package and where I can find info about
>shipping conditions? Can this program be installed as a GCG client and to search 
>remote databases? Who delivers this program? Any contact via net?
>Please answer to me at: wochniak at
>Thanks, Peter

We're currently developing a client-server version of selected applications
from the GCG package. Applications such as fasta, tfasta and fetch will be 
converted. A GCG licence may be required to operate the system.

The MoBiCS (Molecular Biology Client Server) system requires that you have 
access to the internet. Currently supported operating systems are OSF/1 and 
VAX/VMS. It is written in C++ and requires the DEC CXX compiler. PC clients 
are planned for the future.

MoBiCS provides the user with a transparent mechanism to access the remote
databases. The interface to the MoBiCS client is identical to the requested 
searching application, ie. if the user is currently using fasta then a move
to the MoBiCS fasta will not be noticable.

The MoBiCS system is in its final field test stage. It will be available to 
users within the BBSRC by September. At present there is no plans to make 
the server available for users outside the BBSRC domain.

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