molscript: secondary structure prediction

Steven Brenner seb1005 at
Tue Jul 19 11:36:36 EST 1994

ssha at (Stan Shaw) writes:
>I've been told of an excellent program that predicts protein secondary
>structure called "Molscript".  Has anyone heard of this?  Any idea how I 
>can find/obtain/purchase-?? a copy?  We would appreciate any help on this.

I'm afraid that you have been misinformed; molscript is a program for
generating schematic representations of protein structures in
PostScript.  The program is available free of charge, but must be
obtained from (or with the consent of) the author, Per Kraulis.  His
address is:

Dr. Per Kraulis
Center for Structural Biochemistry
Karolinska Institute
S-141 57 Huddinge

phone +46  8 608 9266
fax   +46  8 608 9290
email pjk at

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