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Tue Jul 19 11:50:47 EST 1994

ssha at (Stan Shaw) writes:

>I've been told of an excellent program that predicts protein secondary
>structure called "Molscript".  Has anyone heard of this?  Any idea how I 
>can find/obtain/purchase-?? a copy?  We would appreciate any help on this.

Molscript does not, as far as I know, predict secondary structure.  It
does create very nice plots of secondary and tertiary structure of
proteins and nucleic acids, given a file of their 3D coordinates.
Here is a bit from the doc file:
The program source code has been copyrighted by the author. The
program may NOT be distributed freely. If you wish to obtain a copy,
contact Per Kraulis for instructions. Generally, you should send an
appropriate tape to him.  He will return it with source code,
documentation and example input files, together with a license
agreement to be signed and returned.  Alternatively, you may ask for
permission to copy the program from some other lab.  There is no fee
for academic institutions. The address is:

Dr Per Kraulis
Department of Biochemistry
University of Cambridge
Tennis Court Road
Cambridge CB2 1QW

phone (0223) 333 596
FAX   (0223) 333 345
e-mail: unreliable

Please remember that when plots prepared by MolScript are used in
lectures, publications or other similar occasions, then a reference to
the author and any papers he has written about MolScript (see above)
is to be made.
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