molscript: secondary structure prediction

Lorne Taylor ltaylor at
Tue Jul 19 11:38:30 EST 1994

In article <2uq4v9$26h at>, ssha at (Stan Shaw) writes:
> I've been told of an excellent program that predicts protein secondary
> structure called "Molscript".  Has anyone heard of this?  Any idea how I 
> can find/obtain/purchase-?? a copy?  We would appreciate any help on this.
> Stan Shaw
> Lipoprotein Research Group
> Dept. of Pathology
> University of British Columbia

Stan...Molscript does not predict structure but it does display structure 
(very nicely IMHO). Are you looking for 2ndary structure from AA sequence??
or CD data?? or a program for pulling the structural elements from a protein
data bank file???...there are programs for all but I don't have the info
handy. I'm sure someone will post the info you are looking for.

cheers & good luck

 From the

     MolScript v1.3 (C) 1992 Per Kraulis

MolScript is a program for creating molecular graphics in the form of
PostScript plot files. Possible representations are simple wire models,
CPK spheres, ball-and-stick models, text labels and Jane Richardson-type
schematic drawings of proteins, based on atomic coordinates in various
formats. Colour, greyscale, shading and depth cueing can be applied to
the various graphical objects.

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