trying to find Adlemann or Lipton's molecular computer articles

Don Beaver beaver at
Thu Apr 27 18:51:19 EST 1995

mikeroam at (MikeRoam) writes:
>I've been hunting all over the internet, newsgroups, and www trying to find
>Leonard Adleman's article "On Constructing a Molecular Computer" and
>Richard Lipton's article "Speeding Up Computations Via Molecular Biology"
>which I hear have been circulating. Can anyone send me copies or pointers?

Lipton's was available on the web, now apparently no longer.

I have a general bibliography (additions welcome) at

You can certainly take a look at my papers:

 "Factoring: The DNA Solution," 12/94, Asiacrypt '94
    -- implications of biocomputing on cryptography
    -- new method for solving HamPath, etc.

 "Computing With DNA," 12/94, to appear, Journal of Computational Biology
    -- final version of above
    -- expanded discussion, gives hint how to build a TM

 "A Universal Molecular Computer," 1/95, Penn State TR95-001
    -- how to build a TM, how to compute PSPACE (unrefined presentation)

 "The Complexity of Molecular Computation," 4/95, submitted to FOCS '95
    -- how to build a communicating TM, compute PSPACE
       (more refined version -- this one not yet installed on Web)

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