paper on statistical constraints on 40 Hz models of short-term memory

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Thu Jul 6 15:48:37 EST 1995

The following paper, to be published in Physical Review E, and some
related reprints are available via anonymous FTP or WWW:

  Statistical mechanics of neocortical interactions:
   Constraints on 40 Hz models of short-term memory

                     Lester Ingber
  Lester Ingber Research, P.O. Box 857, McLean, Virginia 22101
               ingber at

     Calculations  presented  in  L. Ingber and P.L. Nunez, Phys.
Rev. E 51, 5074  (1995)  detailed  the  evolution  of  short-term
memory  in  the  neocortex, supporting the empirical 7+-2 rule of
constraints on the capacity  of  neocortical  processing.   These
results  are given further support when other recent models of 40
Hz subcycles of low-frequency oscillations are considered.

PACS Nos.: 87.10.+e, 05.40.+j, 02.50.-r, 02.70.-c

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