WWW site on Biocomp Linkage Linux and Biomedicine

Peter.VanOsta at rug.ac.be Peter.VanOsta at rug.ac.be
Thu Jul 27 12:41:41 EST 1995

I have created a set of Webpages with pointers to various sites with 
information about "Medicine and Molecular Biology" and "Computers and 
Biocomputing", etc. , the server where the Webpages reside is located at the 
University of Gent in Belgium (Europe).

The URL to start is:

http:// allserv.rug.ac.be/~pvanosta/welcome.html

This brings you to my homepage from where you can choose one of the other 


General Medical information on the Web
Medical Specialties
Marfan Syndrome information
Pharmacological information

"Molecular Biology"

General Molcular Biological information
Information about DNA research
Information about Protein research
Materials and Methods in Molcular biology

 "Computers and Biocomputing"

Links to Biocomputing information on the Web
Webpages with information about Linkage analysis
Information about Linux (cheap and powerful Unix for PC's)
General Computer Information

"Libraries and Literature"

Links to (Biomedical) libraries

"Countries and Culture"

Travel information
Governmental information
Local information
Art on the Internet


Links to other interesting (but mostly less serious sites)

I hope these Webpages will be useful to help people with finding 
information on the Internet.

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