C-I bond(s) strength in 3-iodo-Tyr

Irene_Gabashvili at UQTR.UQuebec.ca Irene_Gabashvili at UQTR.UQuebec.ca
Mon Jun 5 20:53:08 EST 1995

<I am looking for these numbers (kcal/mol) for the above
<mentioned compaunds ...

I am not sure, but maybe this reference would be useful:

Raman Spectra of Iodine-Derivatives of Tyrosine and Thyronine
Loh Eugene (San Paulo, Brasil)
Publ. IEA (1974), 358, 9 pp.
(Spectra by Adsorption, Emission, Reflection, or Magnetic Resonance,
and Other Optical Properties)

Irene Gabashvili

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