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Thu Jun 15 21:13:37 EST 1995

In following up Kenneth Chan's request for a organism biomass database,
David Thornley said:

  Biomass is a very general term used to refer to the presence of biological
  materials/organisms.  The only situation you might find the use of
  "biomass of a particular organism" might be in the form of "the biomass
  associated with the average dog is x fleas," or something.

David, I think Kenneth was looking for a database (or other source of
information) about the total mass of particular organisms, e.g. what is the
total biomass of Blue Whales (or E. coli) on the planet.  Hmm, I wonder
which is larger, the biomass of blue whales or of E. coli?


PS: Sorry I can't offer any answers to the orginal question...  

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