David John Thornley djt at
Wed Jun 21 00:30:00 EST 1995

In article <HUNTER.95Jun14135851 at>, Hunter at wrote:

> David, I think Kenneth was looking for a database (or other source of
> information) about the total mass of particular organisms, e.g. what is the
> total biomass of Blue Whales (or E. coli) on the planet.  Hmm, I wonder
> which is larger, the biomass of blue whales or of E. coli?
> Larry

Of course, I'm embarrassed that it didn't occur to me.  It becomes an
interesting question in that light.  To make up for my slip, I would be
very pleased to assemble data on this subject.

If, in the next couple of weeks, any of you are in a position to e-mail an
approximate figure for the total earth-wide mass of a (reasonably broad?)
class of organisms, then I will assemble the data, and post a summary to
this group. I will attempt to attribute credit for the data by means of
footnotes, or some similar means.

Best regards


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