Birds Flocking, Thompson, Vertinsky, Krebs

Helmut Lorek Helmut.Lorek at arbi.Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE
Mon Jun 26 20:39:04 EST 1995

A Student of mine is trying to implement the model of feeding and flocking
of birds described in the following paper:

 "The survival value of flocking in birds: A Simulation Model", by 
  W.A THOMPSON, I. VERTINSKY, J.R.KREBS, in Journal of Animal Ecology:43, 
  785-820, 1974

Although it is quite an old article, the model is interesting to us, beeing 
defined in an so called individual--oriented manner. 

Unfortunately not all the necessary informations are described within the 
paper. SO my question is: does anybody have some additional information and/
or references about this paper (anybody knows where to contact one of the 
authors today)? I'm especially interested in the question of how integrated
flight is performed. The paper describes all the preconditions when to
fly or to join an integrated flight. But it doesn't say enough about how to
choose a goal (as an example). Thanks to any information related to this
paper. Please email me.

Helmut (Lorek)

PS If anyone knows more details about the paper, but has got those only in
   his/hers has, I would be happy to ask him or her more precise questions. 

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