Info about cytoskeletons - HELP!

Volker Scheib volle at
Mon Jun 26 20:38:42 EST 1995

We are a group of students examining for our dissertation human cells
by computer simulation (finit element computing using Ansys). We have some
interesting cytoskeleton/cell models based on a white blood cell. Our
model seems to be very exact compared with a published experiment. Our aim
is to destroy cancer cells using oscillation so we also simulate dynamical
experiments. We urgently need informations about the mechanical properties
and attributes of livercells (or others) with and without cancer.

* The average nucleus mass and size
* The constitution of the cytoskeleton
* The module of elasticity of the cytoskeleton
* The average osmotic pressure
* The viscosity of the cytoplasm
* The elasticity of the membrane of the cell
* The constitution of the inter(intra)cellular cytoskeleton
* The viscosity and elasticity of the inter(intra)cellular cytoskeleton

We would very much appreciate any direct informations, bibliographical
data or e-mail adresses of specialists.

Our Professor is Prof. Dr. Ing. E. Theuer. He has done lots of interesting
work concerning the computer simulation.

Thanks for your help 
e-mail: volle at

Volker Scheib, Mike Baehrle, Oliver Sauter, Ralf Amler

Volker Scheib
e-mail: 653265 at

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