multiple sequence alignment

Georg Fuellen fuellen at
Tue Nov 21 18:06:24 EST 1995

I'd just like to correct a few URLs

> Protein Sequence Alignment and Database Scanning (Geoffrey Barton)
> mirror:
This is the US mirror of the BioComputing Hypertext Coursebook
developed by the VSNS BioComputing Division, at
Chapter 1 is not ready yet; that's why we did not announce
its availability. I hope we get the job done until early December :)

> Discussion Theme: The MSA algorithm
As Des Higgins pointed out, the correct URL is  You can also
try  and

> A Gentle Guide to Multiple Alignment, (Georg Fuellen)
Again, the URL is missing the "l" in the end; the correct URLs are
(incl. mirror sites)
(Well, you get the idea :-)

(Thanks to the MBCR at Baylor College of Medicine, and the Manchester and North 
Training & Education Centre for their help in setting up these mirrors. :-) ;-)

Btw, does anyone else (in Germany) feel that bionet.biology.computational
is not distributed properly ? At MIT, I've found more than twice as many 
recent articles than in Germany ?!

best wishes,
fuellen at dali.Mathematik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE, fuellen at MIT.EDU

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