Calculate the inverse of a matrix 19*19

David Curtis dcurtis at
Thu Nov 30 15:41:44 EST 1995

>I am trying to make my own programs with fortran77 to predict protein 
>folding types by distances functions that make allowances for amino acid 
>interactions (Chou and Zhang, 1994 JBC). I need to calculate the inverse 
>of a matrix 19*19 (19 rows and 19 columns), how can I make it? It is 
>possible to do it with fortran?
>I think some calculators are able to do it, how does they do it?
>I tried also to do it using Microsoft Excel 5.0 for mac, but I only 
>obtain the first element (first number of the first row and column).
>Any suggestion?......
>Thank you

Take a look at Numerical Recipes in Fortran by Press et al - this has
codes for matrix decomposition, inversion and all sorts of stuff,
together with helpful explanations of how they work. There's also all
sorts of public domain libraries around the place - I'm not sure if
any have matrix inversion routines, but one would have thought that
they would.

Dave Curtis (dcurtis at
Institute of Psychiatry, London

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