Computational Biology grad. programs?

Ramit Mehr-Grossman ramit at t10.Lanl.GOV
Thu Oct 5 16:37:16 EST 1995

The Society for Mathematical Biology has a database listing such
programs, post-doc and job announcements, etc. 
Enclosed below is some information.

Dr.  Ramit Mehr,  Theoretical Biology and Biophysics,  
Mail Stop K710, Drop Point 3/483/01U,
Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL),
Los Alamos,  NM 87545,   U.S.A.
Tel.(505)-667-9455  FAX (505)-665-3493   e-mail: ramit at

Welcome to the SMBnet.

SMBnet is an electronic mail and anonymous ftp facility with which
members of the mathematical biology community can communicate readily.
It is being operated through the auspices of the Society for
Mathematical Biology with the support of the Advanced Scientific
Computing Laboratory of the National Cancer Institute.

Presently, the SMB Digest is distributed via email to SMBnet
subscribers about once a month.  It contains items of current interest
submitted by the readers, including scientific queries, announcements
of publications, meetings and job opportunities, news items, etc.  To
submit an item, send mail to SMBnet at  The editor
will incorporate all appropriate submissions into the next issue.

The anonymous ftp facility contains back issues of the SMB Digest and
publications submitted by the members.  You are invited to place items
of interest in the appropriate directory (described below) and to
peruse the smb files for items that interest you.  We especially invite
you to enter pre-prints, computer programs, data and other files
associated with publications of interest to this community.  Please
follow the guidelines given below in preparing files to be submitted.

Files to be made available for retrieval by SMBnet subscribers
should to be put in directory tmp/smb, as follows:

    Name: anonymous
    Password: <your_email_address>
    cd tmp/smb
    put <file_name>

Each submission should consist of two files. The main file is a
compressed tar file, or a shar file, that contains a short README file
along with the file of interest.  The second file is a copy of README,
an ASCII file that describes the contents of the submission and will be
used to re-file the submission into the proper ftp directory.  This
ASCII text file also permits users to see a description of the
submission without having to download and uncompress the larger file.
The primary file should be named appropriately with descriptive
extensions, namely, ascii for an ASCII file, tex for TEX files, dvi for
device independent, troff for TROFF files, ps for Postscript files, Z
for compressed files, etc.

For example:  A file that has been submitted, and is in directory
smb/pubs, is Renal_Acid-Base_Balance.tar.Z.  This compressed tar file
contains two files: namely, Renal_Acid-Base_Balance.dvi and README.  A
second file, also in smb/pubs is README-Acid-Base_Balance which
describes the submission.

Files put in tmp/smb will be stored for retrieval in directory smb or
an appropriate subdirectory.  Currently, publications may be downloaded
from directory smb/pubs, and back issues of the SMB Digest may be
downloaded from directory smb/digest.

If you wish to submit/retrieve a file and have no way to
compress/uncompress a file, send email to mejia at, and
we will seek a solution.  If necessary, you may place ASCII files in
tmp/smb, and let me know that you have no alternative.  We will decide
on a course of action - the main constraint is the amount of disk
storage used.

Submissions for SMB Digest: mail to SMBnet at

Information about SMBnet: send mail to listserv at with
"help" in the body of mail. For example: 

    echo help | mail listserv at

Publications are available via anonymous ftp as follows:

    Name: anonymous
    Password: <your_email_address>
    cd smb/pubs
    get <file_desired>

Welcome aboard! 
Ray Mejia, editor

From: ray at (Raymond Mejia)
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 95 10:23:30 -0500
Subject: SMB Information Available in Gopher/World Wide Web

In addition to individual issues of the Digest and an index search tool,
information about the Society for Mathematical Biology, its annual meeting,
membership information, etc. has been added to Gopher and the World Wide Web
(WWW).  Via Gopher, select the "National Institutes of Health (NIH) Gopher"
menu.  Select "Grants and Research Information".  Then selection of "Society
for Mathematical Biology" will yield access to the SMB files.

A ready path to the NIH Gopher is via "Other Gophers and Information Servers"
and through a multitude of biomedical and government nodes.  For a
description of other features, at the "National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Gopher" menu, read "Announcements" and "About this and other Gophers at

Access via the WWW (described in v94i04) remains the same.  It is URL:

These files are also available for ftp in directory smb/WWW_mirror of the
SMBnet archive.

Ray Mejia

Subject: SMBnet Reminders

Submissions for SMB Digest:
    Mail to SMBnet at

To subscribe/unsubscribe to/from the SMB Digest:
    Send mail to LISTSERV at with
    "subscribe SMBnet <your-personal-name>" or "unsubscribe SMBnet" in the
    body of the mail.
    For example, to subscribe Ignatius Nobel from a UNIX system:
    echo "subscribe SMBnet Ignatius Nobel" | mail LISTSERV at

PLEASE be sure to UNSUBSCRIBE at your current email address before moving to
a new address.

Anonymous ftp repository: (

Information about the Society for Mathematical Biology and an application for
membership may be found in v95i01 and in file
smb/pubs/SMB_Membership_Application in the SMBnet ftp archive.

Information related to education, employment, grant sources, and other topics
of interest may be obtained via anonymous ftp as follows (comments are
preceded here by #):

    Name: anonymous
    Password: <your_email_address>
    cd smb/service
    ls -l	# to list file names, their length and when last updated
    get <file_name> 	# downloads a file

The SMB Digest is available via gopher under "Grants and Research
Information" in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Gopher at port 70, as well as via the World Wide Web under Society for
Mathematical Biology, URL: gopher://  Back
issues of the Digest are also available via anonymous ftp in directory

Items of interest to the mathematical biology community may be placed in
directory tmp/smb using the format described in tmp/smb/INFO.  Get INFO as
    Name: anonymous
    Password: <your_email_address>
    cd tmp/smb
    get INFO
After reading INFO, send email to ray at describing the
contribution.  When acknowledged, you will be asked to put the file(s) in
directory tmp/smb.  When accepted, the file(s) will be made available in
directory smb/pubs.

End of SMB Digest


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