Computational biology at Washington University in St. Louis

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Mon Oct 16 19:00:34 EST 1995

While not formally organized as yet, Washington University in
St. Louis offers many opportunities for pursuing studies in
computational biology.  Major areas of study and relevant faculty 

o Computational molecular biology and genome analysis
	David States
	Michael Zuker
	Warren Gish
	Sean Eddy
	Ron Cytron
	Will Gillett

o Molecular biophysics and the physical chemistry of macromolecules
	Garland Marshall
	Denise Beusen
	Jay Ponder
	Enrico Di Cera

o Computational neural sciences
	Charles Anderson
	David Van Essen

o Quantative bioimaging
	Michael Miller
	Don Snyder
	Lewis Thomas
	James McNally
	John Ollinger
	Jose Conchello
	Dan Fuhrman

o Population biology and biostatistics
	DC Rao
	John Rice
	J Phillip Miller
	Stan Sawyer
	Alan Templeton

This is really just a partial listing focusing on faculty whose
major work is computational.  In each of these areas there are many
additional faculty pursuing a mix of experimental and computational
approaches that might also be appropriate for a student with
computational biology interests.  For more information on the research
interests of specific faculty, see*:

*note - some faculty in engineering are not listed in this site,
see School of Engineering web pages for additional information
if you can not find who you are looking for.

Major facilities include:

	Institute for Biomedical Computing
	Biomedical Computer Laboratory
	Center for Molecular Design
	Genome Sequencing Center
	Center for Genetics in Medicine
	Mallinkrodt Institute for Radiology and medical imaging center
	Center for Computational Mechanics
	Electronic Signals and Systems Research Laboratory

For additional information and application materials send email to:

	dbbs at 
or see:

The Institute for Biomedical Computing home page is also a good
place to start browsing.

David States
Associate Professor and Director
Institute for Biomedical Computing

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