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Call for Participation


	    CWCB 96

	JANUARY 13, 1996

Sponsored by Computer Science, Genetics, and Microbiology and Immunology
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario.

CWCB 96 is intended to provide an informal forum for the interchange
of ideas, problems, techniques, and results in genomics and phylogeny
from a computational viewpoint.

The workshop is intended to be for one day, Saturday, January 13, 1996. 
David Sankoff (Universite de Montreal) and Ben Koop (University of
Victoria) will give keynote addresses for the morning and afternoon 
sessions, respectively. The keynote addresses will be followed by
contributed papers (20 minutes each). There will be parallel sessions
if necessary.  Posters and software demonstrations will be welcomed.

The location will be the Western Science Centre, University of Western 
Ontario. Hotel accommodation will be available at Windermere Manor (in the
UWO research park) and if necessary at nearby local hotels.

The organizing committee consists of: Michael Clarke(UWO), Brian
Golding(McMaster), Tao Jiang(McMaster), Ming Li(Waterloo),
Shiva Singh(UWO), Bill Smyth(McMaster), and Derick Wood(UWO).

CALL: If you are interested in coming to, presenting a paper or
a poster at, or demonstrating software at CWCB 96, then please let us know
BEFORE NOVEMBER 3, 1995, by one of the following means:

	e-mail to  dwood at

	fax to Derick Wood, Dept of Comp Science, HKUST,

We will, if necessary, filter the submissions.  We will attempt,
however, to include every submission.

In each case we ask you to supply the following information:



Research interests:


E-mail address:

Phone number (with area code):

Fax number (with area code):

Tentative title of presentation:

Kind of presentation (demonstration, poster, paper):

Description or abstract (at most two pages, preferably in
standard LaTeX, in PostScript, or in straight ASCII):


LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS: We will provide more information after November 3, 1995.

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