ASA Optimization of EEG Analyses

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		ASA Optimization of EEG Analyses

The paper
	%A L. Ingber
	%T Statistical mechanics of neocortical interactions (SMNI)
	%R SMNI Lecture Plates
	%I Lester Ingber Research
	%C McLean, VA
	%D 1995
	%P (unpublished)
can be retrieved from my archive using instructions below.  This
includes some plates outlining a project, performing recursive ASA
optimization of "canonical momenta" indicators of subject's/patient's
EEG nested in parameterized customized clinician's rules, along the
lines of the approach formulated for markets in
in this archive.  This was first presented publicly in a lecture on 18
Aug 95 at the University of Oregon.

Ramesh Srinivasan at the U of O and Electrical Geodesics, Inc., is
qualifying EEG data he has collected.  I would like to receive more
information on (quasi-)automated rules some people may now use to
correlate EEG with behavioral or physiological states.


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