Computer simulated evolution?

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Mon Apr 1 23:12:43 EST 1996

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Karsten Jensen <su1kj at> wrote:
>I have seen and read about various computer programs for simulating
>evulution. The latest I saw looked very interesting. The computer
>generated a random 'life-form' which consisted of a number of boxes of
>different sizes which were connected.

[ munch ]

>I'd like to know if anybody knows where to get a copy of this or a
>similar program for the PC.

I think you're talking about Karl Sims' work, done under the auspices of
Thinking Machines Corporation.  There's an MPEG movie of this at

As far as I know, this program was written to work on massively
parallel computers (Connection Machines), with an SGI workstation as a
frontend.  You're certainly not going to find a copy of it for
a PC, no matter how powerful the PC ;).

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