Computer simulated evolution?

Frank van de Loo fvandelo at
Mon Apr 1 23:23:03 EST 1996

Karsten Jensen wrote:
> I have seen and read about various computer programs for simulating
> evulution. The latest I saw looked very interesting. The computer
> generated a random 'life-form' which consisted of a number of boxes of
> different sizes which were connected.
> By moving these 'limbs' the forms could then propel themselves
> forward. The fittest (those who could move fastest) would then survive
> and have children who would inherit some slightly mutated
> characteristics (number and size of boxes and movement) of their
> parents.
> The result, after some generations, would be some more or less
> bizarre-looking, moving creatures which could move (or in another
> version of the program, swim) about in a way that no engineer would
> have thought of.
> I'd like to know if anybody knows where to get a copy of this or a
> similar program for the PC.
> Karsten Jensen
> Aalborg University, Denmark
> You are welcome to e-mail me (su1kj at

Sounds like Karl Sims' work, see:
For more similar stuff, try, and the FAQ for that group:
and other related sources:


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