MacWEEK software article/help needed

LeTaub letaub at
Thu Aug 8 14:53:34 EST 1996

I am a writer for MacWEEK, doing an article on various scientific software
applications available for the Mac.
I would like to speak to anyone who is using any science software for the
Mac (math, chemistry, physics, medicine, biology, etc.); the aim of the
article is to alert readers as to how various science packages are being
used, what is available in the marketplace, and how this software is
helping you (or not) in your work.

Your assistance will help other potential purchasers of science software
and illuminate the issues involved in this area.
If you would like to be interviewed, please either call or e-mail me (no
later than Saturday, Aug. 11--I have a tight deadline). I'm happy to call
you back at a convenient time to speak.
Thanks for your assistance

Eric Taub
phone: (818) 707-1080
e-mail: Letaub at

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