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LABAutomation '97
The World's Premier Laboratory Robotics and Automation Conference
Featuring Engineering in Biotechnology
System Developments and Applications of Novel Technologies
Automated Processes in 
Genetic,Therapeutic, Diagnostic, Pharmacological, and Clinical Labs

January 18-22, 1997
Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina, San Diego, CA

Call for Abstracts! Oral Presentations Due by Sept. 13, 1996 - Poster
Presentation open until Dec 15, 1997.

LabAutomation '97 is accepting abstracts for lecture and poster
presentations. Abstracts must be submitted
 electronically either on floppy disk or via file transfer protocol (ftp),
please see our Web page 
for details. Complete identification and contact information must
accompany submissions. 
Please state your preference for a poster or oral presentation.      
Free registrations will be awarded for the 10 Best Abstracts!     
-Selection will be by the Scientific Committee.-

Short Course Offering            (After Dec 23, 1996 add $50 late
registration fee)
   Computer-Based Courses             Date(s)           Early Bird Fee
   Neural Networks (2-day)             1 /18-19/ 97         $300
   Internet I: Introduction               1 /18/ 97         $250
   Internet II: Intermediate              1 /19/ 97         $250
   Internet I and II                   1 /18-19/ 97         $300
   Visual BASIC                           1 /19/ 97         $250
   Lecture-Based Courses                Dates(s)         Early Bird Fee
   Machine Vision (2-day)              1 /18-19/ 97         $250
   Introduction to Lab Robotics           1 /18/ 97         $200
   Introduction to Lab Robotics           1 /19/ 97         $200
   Introduction to Clinical Robotics      1 /18/ 97         $200
   Molecular Diversity                    1 /19/ 97         $200
   Electronic Lab Notebooks               1 /19/ 97         $200
   LIMS                                   1 /19/ 97         $200
   Barcode Technology                     1 /19/ 97         $200

Scientific Program - Since its inception, this conference has focused on
laboratory automation with 
emphasis on automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and supporting
technologies which can be applied 
to pharmaceutical high throughput screening, clinical laboratory medicine,
combinatorial chemistry , 
and environmental analysis. If you would like to see a new subchapter
focusing on automated system 
developments and applications in biotechnology, including genetic and
protein sequencing, genotyping, 
physical mapping, imaging and data analysis, assay development ,
diagnostics, functional genomics, 
and others, please send abstracts!

Registration:  You may register on-line at <>.
 FAX (804)924-5718 or phone (804)924-9430 to request registration brochure
and information 
on submitting abstracts for poster or oral presentations. For Early Bird
fees all forms and payment
 must be received before Dec 23, 1996. For late registration add $50.
   Registration         ALA Member        Non-Member
   Industry                    $500          $600
   University/Govt             $300          $400                    
 Student / Postdoctoral        $200          $250               
   ALA Membership                -           $120
The Association for Laboratory Automation (ALA) is an international
association dedicated to the 
improvement of laboratory quality, safety and efficiency. Members receive
a number of benefits. 
Use above contact data to obtain membership information.

Exhibitors ( as of August 14, 1996 ):  Acuity Imaging Ltd, Advanced
Chemtech, American Clinical Lab,
 Argonaut Technologies, AutoLab Systems, BDC, Beckman Instruments, Inc.,
Becton Dickinson, Behring Diagnostics,
 Boehringer Mannheim Corporation, Bohdan Automation, Brandel, California
Computer Research, Inc.,
 Cardinal Instrument Company, Coulter Corporation, CRS, Cyberlab,
Diagnostics Products Corporation, 
Fuzzy Logic, Gilson Inc., Hamilton Company, Helpmate Robotics Inc., Hudson
Control Group,      ISYS Technology, 
Johnson & Johnson Clinical Diagnostics, John Wiley, Julabo USA, Inc.,
LabInterlink, Labotix Automation Inc., 
Medical Automation Systems, Microscan Systems, Millipore, Olympus, Inc.,
Nature, Packard Instruments,
 Pevco Systems International, Polyfiltronics, Precision System Science,
Robbins Scientific, Robocon, roSYS, Sagian, 
SAIC, Scitec, Sysmex, Tecan, Translogic, TriContinent, Wallac, Zymark

Exhibit free to public Jan 19 (5-8pm), Jan 20 (6-8:30pm), Jan 21 (5-7pm). 
Refreshments provided.

 Contact:  Petar Stojadinovic           619-646-8263             email:
petar at
            Sequana Therapeutics Inc. 11099 N. Torrey Pines Rd Suite160 La
Jolla, CA 92037
             Dave Herold        619-552-8585 x7758   email: dherold at

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