Financial Support for Second SNL Workshop on Computational Molecular Biology

William E. Hart wehart at
Fri Feb 16 14:53:47 EST 1996


       The Second Sandia National Laboratories
                      Workshop on 

           Computational Molecular Biology

                    March 4-6, 1996
              Albuquerque, New Mexico

              Organized in collaboration with
                 DIMACS Special Year on 
       Mathematical Support for Molecular Biology

                      Funded by 
         DOE MICS Office of Scientific Computing
               Applied Mathematics Program
                 Dr. Fred Howes, Director
       DOE Office of Health and Environmental Research
                 Human Genome Program
             Dr. A. Patrinos, Director

We are pleased to announce that the DOE Office of Health and
Environmental Research, Human Genome Program has generously provided
some financial support for graduate students and postdocs to attend the
2nd SNL Workshop on Computational Molecular Biology.  Accordingly, we
will be granting partial financial support for ten graduate students
and/or postdocs.

Please send email or contact Sorin Istrail.  Include a vita and a
description of current research.  A decision will be made by February
21, 1996.  We apologize for the late date of this announcement, but our
efforts to obtain this funding have just recently succeeded.

Interested parties should also finalize their travel arrangements
immediately, as space is limited.  For further information on the 
workshop can be obtained at

Sorin Istrail, Workshop Chair
Sandia National Laboratories
Massively Parallel Computing Research Laboratory
Algorithms and Discrete Mathematics
Albuquerque, NM 87185-1110
Phone: (505) 845-7612
Secretary: (505) 845-7432
Fax : (505) 845-7442
Email: scistra at 

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