Tutorial -- "Image Restoration for 3-D Microscopy"

Ken Clark kwc at ibc.wustl.edu
Wed Jan 3 08:50:36 EST 1996

			    Tutorial Announcement

	           "Image Restoration for 3-D Microscopy"

	When:	Saturday, April 27, 1996;   08:00 to 17:00
		(Demonstrations and a social mixer:  evening prior)

	Where:	Washington University,
		Institute for Biomedical Computing
		St. Louis, Missouri  USA

	Audience: Biologists who are currently using or considering
		  use of image restoration or deconvolution methods
		  for 3-D fluorescence microscopy.

	Cost:	$25

	Maximum number of participants:	30

	Additional information: http://ibc.wustl.edu/bcl/cosm_tut.html

	Enquiries:	kwc at ibc.wustl.edu
			Course	Outline

	Perspective and Goals
		Confocal Microscopy
			Fully Confocal
			Partial Confocal
		Computational 3-D Microscopy
			3-D Fluorescence
			Partially Confocal
		New Technologies

	Point-Spread Function (PSF) & Image formation
		PSF Definition
		PSF Measurement
		Theoretical PSF Computation
		Theoretical and Measured PSF Trade-offs

	Data Collection and Noise Sources 
		CCD cameras, SIT & I-SIT cameras, PMT's
		Sampling (x,y, and especially z)
		Exposure Time
			Photon Noise
			Fluorescence Saturation
		Imaging the Relevant Region: Truncated Data, Missing Data

	Image Restoration
		Restoration Algorithms
			Nearest Neighbor (e.g. Vaytek)
			Jansson-Van Cittert (e.g. Applied Precision)
			Constrained Least Squares (e.g. Scanalytics)
			Maximum Likelihood
			Blind Deconvolution
				(e.g. Noran Instruments, AutoQuant Imaging)
		Noise Assumptions
		Computing and Memory Requirements
	Comparison of Algorithms for Image Restoration
	Discussion of Methods For Viewing 3-D Data Sets
	Panel Session with Users of 3-D Microscopy

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