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Tue Jan 16 15:19:31 EST 1996

i try to solve the kinetic data of stable isotopes by
compartment modeling. The marked amino acids reach the body of
a proband by constant infusion. Plasma probes are taken in
subsequent times. Proteins are prepared from plasma and the 
tracee/tracer proportion is evaluated with mass spectroscopy.
With the help of compartment modeling, we tried to understand
the metabolism.
Investigations of literature lead to: 'a fourier method for
the analysis of exponential decay curves' by S.W. Provencher,
Biophysical Journal Vol 16, 1976.
In this work, a program is introduced. It compute with the
input of yi's and ti's (i=1..n), measured values to a
distinctive time, the output aj and bj (j=1..m). The aj and bj
are chosen to reproduce with minimal difference the yi's:
yi=sum(aj*exp(-bj*ti)). Every pair of aj's and bj's represents
a compartment. Also the value of m is computed and is
important for not overinterpretating experimental data.
I search a copy or an update of this program.
Can anybody help me?
bye, Dominik

Dominik Grathwohl,0761/270-7456 <domi at>

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