Brain & computers ????

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Fri Jan 19 20:14:56 EST 1996

Kels <e6348680 at> wrote:
>Hello, i'm a Computer Architecture student from Barcelona (Spain) and i'm 
>interested on data representation of brain, in order to know how 
>realizable is emulating it on a specialized computer architecture.
>I guess a lot of people have studied this theme, but i know no results.
>NOTE:   Is there any book oriented to this theme ?
>Thanks for readme and, perhaps, give me some information.
>                       Kels (e6348680 at
           Have you seen " Chaos and Information Processing " WORLD


 Nicolis  a Professor in Electrical Engineering in Greece ?  It is very

difficult dynamical systems math with linear and nonlinear differential 

equations, entropy, and Lyapunov exponents. It's at the outer edge!!
                             Good luck     

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