Brain & computers ????

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Tue Jan 30 08:27:52 EST 1996

In article <ysizpwc9e1g9.fsf at> brannon at (Terrence M. Brannon) writes:

   "Brains, Machines, and Mathematics" by Michael A. Arbib shows that any
   digital computer is equivalent to the simplest of neurons, the
   McCulloch-Pitts neuron because 

   1) A digital computer can be created using of AND, OR, and NOT gates
   2) the above three gates can be simulated by giving McCulloch-Pitts
      neurons varying integration characteristics.

That's not actually a proof that a computer is equivalent to a neuron:
only that a neuron is equivalent to a computer. Did he also show that
*everything* the neuron does can be maped to AND, OR, and NOT gates? 

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