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Nasser Abbasi wrote:
> Fyi: I think this course will be offered again next spring at Stanford.
>                              STANFORD UNIVERSITY 
>                          Department of Mathematics
>  Math/Biol 227. Mathematical and Computational Molecular Biology

This is Volker Brendel's class offered within the Stanford Math Dept. 
There are several other related courses offered at Stanford, including:

Medical Information Sciences 212
Algorithms and Representations for Molecular Biology
Russ Altman's course (with John Koza) targeted more towards computer

Biochemistry 212
Computer Applications in Molecular Biology
Doug Brutlag's course targeted more towards biologists.

Both courses are taught yearly in the Spring, while I believe Volker's
is taught in the Winter quarter.  Recently Jun Liu in the Stanford
Statistics Dept offered a course on statistical problems in
computational biology as well.


Scott C. Schmidler
Section on Medical Informatics	
Stanford University School of Medicine		
schmidler at camis.stanford.edu

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