CFP - ICMAS'96 Workshop on Animal Societies and DAI

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Thu Jul 11 23:38:01 EST 1996


Animal societies as an alternative metaphor basis for
Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI)

December 10th, 1996 (Keihanna Plaza, Kyoto, Japan)

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      When designing computational organizations, DAI research
      generally gives more attention to sociological metaphors 
      than to biological ones. However, it is worth noting that 
      most of the issues being addressed in DAI (e.g., cooperation,
      coordination, organization, social interaction) have a
      significant intersection with the goals and interests of a
      variety of research communities (ethology, primatology,
      behavioral ecology, or artificial life) that study the social
      mechanisms that occur in non-human societies - i.e. animal

      This worshop aims at bringing together researchers who are
      interested in:

      - modeling and simulating animal societies using multi-agent
      - cooperative processes or distributed problem-solving
        mechanisms inspired by those observed in animal societies
      - designing agents or robots societies based on social
        mechanisms observed in animal societies

      Of particular interest are issues that have not yet received
      much attention in the DAI litterature, such as
      self-organization, emergence of collective behaviors, 
      swarm intelligence (social insects), ethological and
      pre-cognitive models of social interactions, machiavellan
      intelligence (primate societies), ... etc. 

      More generally this workshop is a first step towards answering
      the following questions:
      - To what extent are the social processes observed in animal
        societies of interest for the DAI community ?
      - To what extent can the multi-agent paradigm provide a support
        for a better understanding of animal societies?

      Alexis Drogoul          University Paris 6, France
      Anne Collinot           University Paris 6, CNRS, France
      Rosaria Conte           IP/Cnr, Roma, Italy
      Bruno Corbara           Universite Clermont-Ferrand I, France
      Jim Doran               University of Essex, UK
      Toshio Fukuda           Nagoya University, Japan
      Maja Mataric            Brandeis University, USA

CONTACT PERSON:   Alexis Drogoul
--------------    LAFORIA - Case 169
                  Universite Paris 6
                  4 Place Jussieu
                  75232 PARIS CEDEX 05 France
                  mailto: drogoul at
                  Tel: +33 1 44 27 71 39,
                  Fax: +33 1 44 27 70 00

SUBMISSION:    An extended abstract (up to five A4 pages in english, with
-----------    12pt fonts) should be sent by e-mail, no later than 
               September 1st, 1996, to the contact person.

               Hardcopy or fax submissions will also be accepted, within the 
               same deadline. The first page should include the full
               coordinates of the authors. The e-mail submissions should 
               at least include the following information :
                      To: drogoul at
                      Subject: ICMAS96 Workshop on Animal Societies
                      Title:         <paper title>
                      Author:        <name of one of the authors>
                      Address:       <address of the author>
                      Email address: <email address of the author>
                      Key words:     <3 or 4 key words>

      The extended abstract must be attached to the mail and
      encoded either with Binhex or UUencode. The following formats
      will be accepted :

      - Postscript file
      - Word 4,5,5.1,6 for Mac or Windows
      - WordPerfect 3.1 for Mac
      - FrameMaker 4

      Please do not submit LaTex files !
PUBLICATION:   Authors will be advised as to the acceptance of their 
------------   paper around October 8th, 1996 by email. Camera ready copies
               are due no later than October 30th, 1996. These papers will 
               be made available at the workshop.  

DATES:            September 1st, 1996: Paper Submission
------            October 8th, 1996:   Notification of Acceptance
                  October 30th, 1996: Camera Ready Paper
                  December 10th, 1996:   Workshop
                  December 11-13th, 1996:   ICMAS-96 Main Conference


Alexis DROGOUL - LAFORIA - Boite 169 - UPMC - 75232 PARIS CEDEX 05
Tel: 33-1-44 27 71 39; Fax: 33-1-44 27 70 00; e-mail: drogoul at

"[La tache finale de reduction serait de] montrer comment un systeme decrit en termes physiologiques pourrait autoriser une interpretation comme systeme intentionnel realise physiquement" - D. Dennett, La strategie de l'Interprete.

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