Alternative careers in science: Bioinformatics

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Thu Jul 11 23:25:09 EST 1996


Science's Next Wave, a Web site published by American Association for the
Advancement of Science (AAAS) and Science magazine, will be presenting a
feature on new career options in bioinformatics on Friday, July 12. This
Bioinformatics feature is part of our series on alternative careers for
scientists, New Niches.

The bioinformatics New Niche will provide viewpoints from scientists and
informatics managers at Merck, Immunex, Smith Kline Beecham, among
others. They will discuss:

	-- expanding career choices in industry and federal organizations

	-- the training and experiences that led them to their current

	-- changes they foresee in a young, rapidly expanding field
	which can provide lucrative options for scientists seeking
	positions in industry

Science's Next Wave will also be providing descriptions and links for
related resources for scientists contemplating career changes in this 
direction. We strongly encourage you to tell your peers and colleagues
about the current and future New Niche features.

The Bioinformatics New Niche will be active starting on Friday, July 12. 
It will remain interactive until September 6. We encourage you to direct 
comments and career questions to the participants over the next two 
months via the Web site.

	The URL for the Next Wave homepage is
	To view the bioinformatics feature, click on the "New Niches" 	
button on the homepage.

If you would not like to receive e-mail notices about future Next Wave 
features which discuss alternative careers for scientists, please let us 

Wendy Yee
Associate Editor
Science's Next Wave

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