A Key To Open Door Of Molecular Energetics - bdes.607 [1/1]

Ted Shieh MC 1997 teshi at minerva.cis.yale.edu
Wed Jul 17 15:46:39 EST 1996

:           You may give me a test. Which molecules you are interested? 
: Please show me and draw the structures. I would give you the answers ASAP.  

:           I hope my research will be a new and powerful tool for
chemistry, : chemical engineering, energy science, molecular biology,
medicinal chemistry, : protein/enzyme chemistry. Why is the human visual
system sensitive only to : light of wavelengths from about 760 to 380 nm? 

This is the range allowed by the absorption spectra of rhodopsin and the
cone pigments.  The polar amino acids in the vicinity of the retinal
chromophore "tune" the absorption spectrum by changing the energy required
for the ground to excited state transition involved in photoactivation; 
mutation of the appropriate residues could produce opsins most sensitive
to the uv, as is the case for some insect opsins.  

Why is "super-vitamin E" 
: possible? Which structure is a super-vitamin E? I can give quantitative 
: answers now. The main reason is that I can describe the species energetics
: and its change/transfer. 

I would be interested in what you have to say about 11-cis retinal and 
the all-trans form, since I happen do computational work on rhodopsin. 


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