Respiratory diffusion

Psychotica Rex croucher at
Fri Jul 26 21:17:20 EST 1996

     Greetings and salutations.

  I am not a doctor, so I'll hope you'll all take it easy 
on me for asking what might appear to be a silly question(I 
assure you there are very valid reasons for my asking.).
  The question I'd care to pose is: How much water can the 
respiratory system diffuse to the air in a given day?
  I ask because some of my calculations in a body-sim 
aren't working out when I punch in some of my stats...  So 
any assistance will make this on very happy coder. :)

Post Script: Conservation of energy and matter are still 
valid rules of scientific conduct in this area code are 
they not? (This is a bug worthy of Microsoft.)

Post Script: Please respond E-Mail AS WELL since my server 
is a bit fussy about pickup up newsgroups at regular 


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