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  The First Electronic Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society
Conference (MGMS EC-1) will be held on the Internet (the Net) and 
World Wide Web (the Web) from Oct 7-18, 1996.  The conference
is sponsored by Elsevier and the Molecular Graphics and Modelling 
Society and will be co-organized by Graham Richards, Art Olson,
Rod Hubbard and Barry Hardy.

  MGMS EC-1 will be a fully international event open to all members of 
the scientific community and will cover a broad range of disciplines 
related to molecular modelling, graphics and simulation methods
and applications.
  Conference subject areas are: Protein Structure; Membranes and
Proteins; Bioinformatics; Computational Nanotechnology; Protein Folding;
Modelling of In Vivo Activity; Knowledge-based Library Design;
Surface Science; Host-guest interactions; Carbohydrates;
Enzyme Mechanisms; Conformational Analysis; Nucleic Acids;
Quantum Chemistry; Car-Parrinello Methods and Applications; 
Structure-based Design; Visualization; and Perspectives.

  Each subject area has a section convener who will screen 
abstracts sent by authors for suitability.  Authors can opt to submit 
a non-permanent presentation like a normal conference poster or
a presentation which will be refereed and considered for publication
in the Journal of Molecular Graphics.  Referees will be appointed 
by the section conveners. 
  Presentations must be prepared in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), 
graphics (GIF,JPEG) and other web-compatible formats (VRML,Java,PDF) 
so that participants can view the papers via the World Wide Web.  
Aid and consultation will be provided to participants in the weeks 
prior to the event to help them with their presentation 
(Email:mgmsorg at Further details will be given in
authors' guide accessible via the URL:

  During the conference discussions will take place via the Internet 
in real-time using a virtual conference centre based on a MOO 
(multiple-user domain, object oriented) and via Internet-accessible 
electronic mailing lists. Trial sessions for those not familiar with 
MOOs will be held before the conference. Before the conference, a 
timetable for MOO discussion sessions of each section will be posted. 
Since these realtime discussions are an integral part of the 
conference, authors will be expected to attend one for their subject; 
the right is reserved not to referee submissions by authors who do 
not attend one of these sessions. 

  The Conference will feature a Virtual Trade Center where commercial
vendors, software and hardware developers, consultants, and contractors 
will be able to display their goods and services and provide software 
demonstrations in return for exhibition fees to support conference 
activities. Any potential exhibitors should contact Barry Hardy at
barry at


DEADLINES AND DATES               

1) DO NOW - The MGMS mailing list

Conference-related news and announcements will be posted regularly 
to the MGMS mailing list

If you wish to subscribe to the MGMS list send the following
one line message to majordomo at

subscribe mgms at your_email at address

2) DO NOW - Registration

The deadline for registration is Sept 15th 1996. Early registration is 
strongly encouraged to aid the efficient operation of the conference 
including the establishment of timely access to the conference.

If you intend to participate in MGMS EC-1 please use the registration 
form accessible via 
which is available for electronic registration.  The 
registration will be used to construct a registrant database 
for the conference which will generate the conference mailing list and 
handle assignment of userids and passwords.

In addition it is necessary to pay for registration via ordinary 
means: The conference fee will be 35 pounds sterling (50 US dollars) 
with a special rate for students of 20 pounds sterling (30 US 
dollars). A copy of a suitable student identification or a letter from 
the supervisor will be required to be charged at the lower rate.

Registration payments can be accepted by credit card, 
direct bank transfer, cheque or bank draft. 
Regardless of method of payment we ask you to
supply accompanying correspondence with your complete name,
address, fax and phone number, and email address which
should be mailed directly to:

Dr. Barry Hardy, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory,
University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QZ, UK

Payment Instructions:                       

a) Credit Card

We can currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch or JCB.
We cannot yet accept American Express as our application with
them has still to be processed.

Please send your credit card type, number and expiration date
via regular mail to:
Dr. Barry Hardy, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory,
University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QZ, UK

b) Bank Transfer

Your payment can be made in sterling by direct bank transfer
into the folowing account:

Account Number: 20-6518 50772712
Account Name: Greenlea Communications
Bank: Barclays Bank, Oxford City Centre Branch,
P.O. Box 333, Oxford, OX1 3HS, UK

--Please ensure your full name is listed with the transfer details.
--You are responsible for any bank charges associated with the
transfer from your bank. 
--Please notify us directly of your transfer payment.

3) Cheque/Bank Draft

Cheques or bank orders (in pounds or dollars) should be made out to
Greenlea Communications and mailed to:

Dr. Barry Hardy, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory,
University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QZ, UK

Acknowledgement of Registration and Payment:

When you first register at the conference site you should
receive an acknowledgement email with a password and userid.

After receipt of your registration fee you will
receive a further acknowledgement and your userid and password
will be validated to allow access to the conference site
(when it opens). 

(Note: Registration payments received during the period July 23-
August 14 will not be immediately processed and acknowledged. They will
be processed as soon after August 14 as possible.)

Academic registrants from economically-disadvantaged countries can 
write to Barry Hardy requesting an exemption to the registration fee. 
Exemptions will be made on a discretionary basis taking into account 
the reasons given for the request and will be dependent on suitable 
funds being available.  We will consider economically disadvantaged 
countries to include those of Eastern Europe, Africa, Central and 
South America, Indian sub-continent, etc. 

3) DEADLINE for receipt of ABSTRACT.  

The deadline for receipt of presentation abstracts is August 1. Email 
your abstract directly to the appropriate section convener listed 
below.  Fuller details of the scope of each section will be given in the 
authors' guide accessible via

Your abstract should be no longer than 300 words. And remember to 
state which category of presentation (non-permanent poster or refereed
paper) you wish.

If you are unsure as to which section your abstract is suitable for, 
please email a possible section convener or Barry Hardy 
(barry at Section conveners do have the discretion 
to reject abstracts, ask for revisions to an abstract or to send the 
abstract to the convener of a more suitable section.


The deadline for receipt of papers and posters is Sept 15th.  You 
must deposit your text and graphics files at the conference ftp site for
presentation at the conference. Ftp instructions will be provided at the
conference site.  Hard copies of final refereed papers
following the format of the Journal of Molecular Graphics
should be sent by Dec 1 to: 

Graham Richards, Journal of Molecular Graphics, 
Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Lab, Sth Parks Rd,
University of Oxford, Oxford, OX1 3QZ, UK.  

Journal guidelines are posted at

Although there is no limit to the graphics authors choose
to display in their conference presentation, the editor
reserves the right to limit the number of free colour
figures in each printed journal article. 

5) Refereeing Period

The refereeing period will commence upon completion of the conference.
If you have a presentation at MGMS EC-1 you may be requested to
a refereeing evaluation on another conference presentation.  Referee
will be due November 15. 



(Please email section conveners with questions related to 
your particular section and presentation. Details on the 
sections are accessible via

Any general emails (such as registration queries, maillist queries, 
HTML queries, password queries, timetable queries, general technical 
advice on browsers and graphics, MOO queries, etc.) should be sent to:
mgmsorg at

1. Protein Structure 
Rod Hubbard
University of York, UK
Email:rod at

2. Nucleic Acids
David Beveridge and Dennis Sprous
Wesleyan University, USA
Email:bever at,dsprous at

3. Membranes and Membrane Proteins
Alan Robinson 
University of Oxford, UK
Email:alan at
Terry Stouch
Bristol-Myers Squibb, USA
Email:stouch at

4. Bioinformatics
Steve Gardner
Oxford Molecular, UK
Email:sgardner at          

5. Computational Nanotechnology
Al Globus
Email:globus at

6. Protein Folding
Jeffrey Skolnick
Scripps Institute, USA
Email:skolnick at

7. Modelling of In Vivo Activity
Edward Hodgkin
Wyeth-Ayerst Research, USA
Email:hodgkie at

8. Knowledge-based Library Design
Mike Hann
GlaxoWellcome, UK
Email:mmh1203 at

9. Surface Science
Donald Brenner
North Carolina State, USA
Email:dwb at

10. Host-Guest interactions
Jon Essex
Southampton University, UK
Email:J.W.Essex at

11. Carbohydrates and Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions
Anne Imberty
CNRS, France
Email:imberty at

12. Enzyme Mechanisms
Guy Grant
University College Dublin, Ireland
Email:ggrant at

13. Stochastic Methods for Conformational Sampling
Robert Topper
The Cooper Union, USA
Email:topper at

14. Quantum Chemistry
Tim Clark
University of Erlangen, Germany
Email:clark at

15. Structure-based Design
David Winkler
CSIRO, Australia
Email:D.Winkler at

16. Car-Parrinello Methods and Applications
Michele Parrinello
Max-Planck Institute, Germany
Email:prr at

17. Visualization
Art Olson
Scripps Institute, USA
Email:olson at

18. Perspectives in Molecular Modelling
Graham Richards
University of Oxford, UK
Email:gr at


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