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Ted Shieh (MC 1997) wrote:
> Raymond Yeh (rayeh at wrote:
> : Hi, I am interested in studying computational biology and was wondering if
> : there is a database out there for all the graduate programs that are
> : available.  Any info will be most appreciated.
> Computational biology graduate programs are difficult to find.  You might
> look at the Medical Informatics Program at Stanford.  Another thing to
> try would be to look at Biophysics programs, which often have a few
> computational biologists (e.g. Axel Brunger of Yale's MB&B department).
> Ted

For a look at the computational biology associated with the Section
on Medical Informatics at Stanford take a look at:
and look under "bioinformatics", and also see:

SMI-affiliated faculty whose primary focus is bioinformatics include
Russ Altman (SMI), Doug Brutlag (Biochemistry), Peter Karp (SRI), 
Mike Levitt (Structural Biology).  Outside faculty involved include
John Hennessey (CS), Sam Karlin (Mathematics), Jun Liu (Statistics),
among others.  You can find homepages describing research activities
for many of these using your favorite search engine.

I will probably add a list of bioinformatics programs to one of 
the above pages in the not too distant future; if you would like 
to have your program included please send me the URL with the words
"bioinformatics programs" in the subject line.

I know for a fact there are also programs at CMU/Pitt, University 
of Washington, Baylor, and groups within CS depts such as UC Santa
Cruz, UPenn, etc.


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