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   : Hi, I am interested in studying computational biology and was wondering if
   : there is a database out there for all the graduate programs that are
   : available.  Any info will be most appreciated.

   Computational biology graduate programs are difficult to find.  You might 
   look at the Medical Informatics Program at Stanford.  Another thing to 
   try would be to look at Biophysics programs, which often have a few 
   computational biologists (e.g. Axel Brunger of Yale's MB&B department).

Fyi: I think this course will be offered again next spring at Stanford.


                             STANFORD UNIVERSITY

                         Department of Mathematics

                  Undergraduate and Upper-Division Courses

 Math/Biol 227. Mathematical and Computational Molecular Biology
 Precipicated by an enormous increase in molecular sequence data (both DNA
 and protein), computational tools have become essential to molecular
 biology research. This course seeks to provide a state-of-the-art
 introduction to the subject. Emphasis will be on concepts and principles,
 combined with hands-on (-keyboard) applications. Topics will include:
 score-based sequence analysis, amino acid substitution scoring matrices,
 dynamic programming methods for sequence alignment, phylogenetic trees
 from sequence data, signal search methods, codon usage, exon/intron
 prediction. Some of the lectures will be guest presentations on current
 research in this area at Stanford.
 Prerequisites: This interdisciplinary course is directed at graduate and
 interested undergraduate students of biology, medicine, computer science,
 statistics, operations research, or mathematics. There are no formal
 prerequisites, as all necessary knowledge will be developed in the course.
 However, some knowledge of the fundamental concepts of molecular biology
 and statistical analysis will be helpful. See the instructor for any
 questions regarding this.

 3 units, Win (Brendel) TTh 1:15-2:30

Nasser Abbasi. C/C++/Ada Solaris. GeneAssist - A client/server application 
for Nucleic acid and protein sequence search and analysis. 
PE-Applied BioSystem division. email:  nasser at   
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