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> Dear netters,
> I work in a small biophysics group, using time resolved fluorescence 
> spectroscopy to study the structure and dynamics of proteins.
>  Now we are thinking about buying a workstation to do some molecular 
> graphics, modelling and molecular dynamics simulations. Our problem is 
> that our experience in these fields is very limited, so that we do not 
> know exactly wich hardware and software we will need.
>  We would like to be able to visualize our proteins, to do 
> some simple calculations (distances, angles, accesible surface area, 
> radius of gyration, etc.) and modelling (for instance simulation of the 
> effects of a mutation) and also (if possible) molecular dynamics simulations.
> Our budget is somewhat limited (about 20000 dollars). Probably we will be 
> able to perform the simulations at the computing center of our 
> university, but if we could do them locally it would be better.
>  Our questions are:
> -which workstation do we need? Wich would be the best, in your opinion?

Best Price performance would be a linux station running whatif. It
should not cost more than $5000


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