Help with molecular graphics/modelling

Pascal Meunier pmeunier at
Thu Mar 7 01:47:44 EST 1996

On a mac (well within your budget), you can run Molview by Tom Smith of
Purdue University.  It uses the latest technology ( displays Apple's new
3D files (3DMF), rotates, makes PICT files, and also makes QuickTime
movies , PPC native, etc ...).  Have a look at:


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Dear netters,
I work in a small biophysics group, using time resolved fluorescence 
spectroscopy to study the structure and dynamics of proteins.
Now we are thinking about buying a workstation to do some molecular 
graphics, modelling and molecular dynamics simulations. Our problem is
that our experience in these fields is very limited, so that we do not 
know exactly wich hardware and software we will need.
We would like to be able to visualize our proteins, to do 
some simple calculations (distances, angles, accesible surface area, 
radius of gyration, etc.) and modelling (for instance simulation of the 
effects of a mutation) and also (if possible) molecular dynamics simulations.
Our budget is somewhat limited (about 20000 dollars). Probably we will be 
able to perform the simulations at the computing center of our 
university, but if we could do them locally it would be better.
Our questions are:
-which workstation do we need? Wich would be the best, in your opinion?

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