Looking for Vector Calculus Biology Applications

Schumacher SCHUMACR at cedarville.edu
Fri Mar 15 18:59:18 EST 1996

As the students in my calculus course finish up spring quarter, I am having 
them do a modeling application using vector calculus.  While I have several
interesting topics which interest the engineering major, I still am looking 
for applications of one-variable vector calculus in the medical and life 

The closest project I've found is modeling the behavior of charged ions in a 
mass-spectrometer.  This allows the computation of T-N-B and then curvature.

I looking for possible ideas and topics suitable for mathematical modeling 
using vector calculus.

Thank you for your time and ideas as I have used topics off of this board at 
other times to generate excitement in mathematics with students.

Robert Schumacher
Assistant Professor of Science and Mathematics 

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