ISMB'96 Job Fair, Computational Biology, St. Louis

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   The Fourth International Conference on Computational Biology
        Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology '96
                   June 12 to 15, 1996
                  Washington University
                St. Louis, Missouri, USA

<A HREF=""> ISMB'96 Job Fair Database</A> 

The ISMB meetings are unique in bringing together biological and
computational scientists with interests in computational biology.
With the automation of the experimental laboratory and the increasing
use of databases and advanced information systems in the biotechnology
industry, many employment opportunities exist for such individuals.
To facilitate contact between job candidates and prospective
employers, we have established an employment opportunities database
for ISMB-96.

Search access to the resume database will be restricted to registered
conference delegates, and an additional nominal fee will be charged to
discourage casual browsers. Delegates wishing to browse the resume
database will have to post a job opening; however, they do have an
option of limiting access to the posting. 

You do not have to register for ISMB'96 to post either a job-opening
announcement or your resume as long as it is relevant to Computational
Biology. Faculty, postdoctoral, programming, and industrial vacancies
may be advertised and sought.

Both commercial and academic employers are encouraged to utilize this
service. Rooms will be available at the conference for the purpose of
employment meetings and conducting interviews.

ismb-job-fair at
ISMB-96 Job Fair
Institute for Biomedical Computing
700 South Euclid
St. Louis, MO  63110-1012
Phone: (314) 362-2134
FAX:   (314) 362-0234

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