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B.McVittie bjmcvitt at
Thu Oct 17 15:22:57 EST 1996

Hello ALL:

I am currently investigating the phylogenetic position of tarsius within
primates. I consider myself  to be 'competent' regarding  theoretical
issues in molecular phylogeny, but my practical 'know-how' is
I would like to search the big databases (genbank,embl, etc.) for all
tarsier sequences which have recorded orthologies in other primate
species. However I have no idea how to go about this.
Specifically:	-How can I search for sequences by species? 
		-Is it possible to use sequences from one species to
		 search for orthologous sequences in other spp?
		-What types of software can be used towards this end?
		-What software works well for storing sequence data?
		-What software is good for multi-spp alignments? How
		 compatible is such software with analytic programs
		 (Paup,Phylip,etc.) with regard to integrating gap
		 penalties into analyses.
>From these questions you can see how uneducated i am on these issues.
Any info, or refs. to literature discussing these topics would be GREATLY
Thanks in advance,

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