Dotplot reference

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Wed Sep 4 11:27:54 EST 1996

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> Sergey Shmul Levin <slevin at wrote;
> > DOTPLOT can be used to see dissimilarites in the
> > alignment pairs (what is the original refernce for it, though?)
> Maizel and Lenk 1981. "Enhanced graphic matrix analysis of nucleic acid 
> and protein sequences." Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 
> USA vol 78(12), p7665-7669. 

I have a earlier reference :

Gibbs, A.J., and McIntyre, G.A. 1970. The diagram: a method for comparing sequences. Its use with aminoacid and nucleotide sequences. Eur. J. Biochem. 16: 1-11.


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