What is a Bioinformatician?

Zhensheng Lou louzhen at duke.usask.ca
Tue Apr 8 23:20:53 EST 1997

: Bob Phair (rphair at ix.netcom.com) wrote:
: Bioinformatics is a young discipline. As such it will be defined by the
: published work of those who choose to describe themselves as working in
: this field. There are several graduate programs in bioinformatics that
: include substantial dynamics, simulation, systems theory components.

: Some of us have been working in bioinformatics and computational biology
: for decades without ever having called it that.

: You will live to see simulation and modeling become mainstream
: biological tools.

: Good luck.
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: Bob

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Very good information. I have been in variour life science related areas (BS in
Biology, MS in Physiology & Biochemistry, PhD in Behaviour), and are very keen
on computer work, especially on the computer applications to Biology-related 
areas. This is because I feel I should be able to work on something I have 
real interest, while using my broadly trained skills or education.

But how and where to get into this BioInformatics bussiness? I went to our 
Compuetr Dept. for possible courses work towards such a job, and was tolled 
that they had not heard about it. I will be greatly appreciating if you can 
point out a road for a wonderer.

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